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Fly Fishing Outfitters In God’s Country: About Us

Hi, I’m Shane Erickson, Montana Outfitter and owner of God’s Country Outfitters. In 1992, I began my professional guiding career and four years later my wife, Bridgitt, and I established God’s Country Outfitters. In that time we have become one of the most reputable Fly Fishing Outfitters in the state.

I could think of no better description of the land in which we fish and recreate.  Clearly, God spent a little more time when he created Montana.

It is quite a blessing to live, work, and raise our family in this outdoor paradise –the upper Blackfoot Valley of Montana, near the top of the Continental Divide.

A Big Thank You!

We are grateful for the patronage of past clients, many of whom have made Montana an annual tradition, and welcome those who will join that tradition in the years to come in “God’s Country.”

Catering to all our clients with warm Montana hospitality, we strive to provide the best fly fishing day trips and extended overnight trips possible. Witness the breathtaking scenery that Montana has to offer you while you experience the vacation of a lifetime!

We pride ourselves in our personalized service and local expertise, as one of the leaders among  Fly Fishing Outfitters. Let our experts teach and guide you in a new adventure taking you across the vast wide open country of Montana. Welcome to God’s Country Outfitters.


Montana offers some of the best fly-fishing waters to be found anywhere.  You can fish 6-8 different rivers in a week: the Missouri, Big Blackfoot, Little Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Dearborn, Clearwater, and Bitterroot Rivers. Or stay with one of these spectacular rivers all week long and never fish the same stretch twice!

We provide 1-day outings, multi-day trips, and custom-tailored extended trip packages that include both fishing and camping. We are also one of the very few Fly Fishing Outfitters that can offer wilderness float fishing services on the South Fork of the Flathead River. Please contact us for more information.

When is the best time to come?  Because June, July, and August are typical “vacation” months, they are also the months when more people are on the rivers.  April through October is optimal in terms of weather, but remember –  fish feed year-round! With so many rivers to choose from, there is always good fishing to be found somewhere nearby!