Montana Fly Fishing Day Trips

Montana Fly Fishing Day Trips

We guide anglers on some of the best Montana Fly Fishing Day trips in the state! 

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If you wish, you can fish several different rivers in a week!  Most of our fly fishing day trips are on the Big Blackfoot and Missouri Rivers.  Additionally, we may fish the Clark Fork, Dearborn, Clearwater, or Bitterroot Rivers –or stay on one of these spectacular rivers all week long. Fly Fishing doesn’t get any better than it is here in God’s Country, simply world-class!

We provide 1-day outings, multi-day trips, and custom-tailored extended trip packages that include both fishing & camping!

When is the best time to come?  In short – pretty much anytime you can! That being said, June and July are very popular vacation months. ‘”As a result, the fishing, boating, and camping pressure can be quite heavy these months.  April, May, August, September, and October are very good times to fish. Additionally, the crowds are a fraction of what they are in June, and especially in July. Please keep in mind that fish feed year-round. With so many rivers to choose from, there is always good fishing to be found somewhere nearby!

Blackfoot River Day Trips

Blackfoot River Montana, Guided Fishing Trips on the BlackfootThe Big Blackfoot River was made famous by the Norman Maclean movie “A River Runs Thru It”. The Blackfoot is now one of the most popular Montana Fly Fishing rivers in the state! The Blackfoot is a healthy, gravel bottom, boulder-strewn “Freestone” river. It is about 130 miles long. The Blackfoot runs from the Continental Divide near Lincoln and flows thru the Blackfoot Valley to Bonner, Montana where it joins the Clark Fork River.

The Blackfoot is one of the most beautiful, scenic rivers in Montana! Understandably, It can be hard to keep your eyes on your fly when you’re surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of pine forests and towering cliffs!

How Is The Blackfoot River Montana Day Trip Fishing?

Awesome! Our guides know it as well as their own backyards.  They will help you get these powerful fast-water fish on the end of your line and to the boat! Even first-time beginners enjoy great success, as the aggressive West slope Cutthroat is not as finicky as some trout. The prolific hatches of huge Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, big Mayflies, Caddis, and a smorgasbord of terrestrial insects work these opportunistic feeders into a fly-grabbing frenzy!

You will fish from a raft on the Blackfoot. We float big dry flies on a short line in fast, broken, gin-clear water.  The most common of the fish we catch in the Blackfoot is the Westslope Cutthroat. Rainbows and Browns are also common. The huge Bull Trout, better known as Dolly Varden is sometimes an added bonus! Words cannot describe the beauty of the Big Blackfoot! The quality of this fantastic fishery and the level of knowledge and experience our guides have on this pristine freestone river is second to none! Click Here for more about the Big Blackfoot River!

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Missouri River Montana Fly Fishing Day Trips

The “Mighty Missouri” is a “must fish” river for experienced anglers! To be successful fishing when the Missouri River, you should be able to present delicate, accurate casts with tiny match-the-hatch dry flies. Your fly will compete with thousands of real insects. To catch these finicky Rainbows and Browns you must be able to maintain a drag-free drift. These fish can really get worked into a feeding frenzy over the prolific hatches of Caddis, BWO’s, Beatis, PMD’s, Trico’s, and Midge! A wide array of terrestrials are also on their menu.

When there are few, or no fish rising, nymph or streamer fishing can be hot from a drift boat or raft!  When flows are low-moderate, there are lots of wade fishing opportunities.  We fish the Missouri River from Holter Dam to Cascade, a 30-mile stretch of river designated a “Blue Ribbon” tailwater fishery.

Missouri River Trout FIshing Guides Montana

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