Here are a few samples of testimonials sent to us by our guests.

“I had the pleasure of drift fishing the revered Blackfoot River in MT for 3 days. Like most of the freshwater guides I’ve fished with, Shane is knowledgeable, friendly, and has good equipment. I live in Florida and most of my fishing is in the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We generally use bigger rods, longer casts, and different knots. Shane surprised me the first day, saying his favorite knot was the uni-knot, and I knew we were going to have some fun.

His boat handling is great: you can put your fly in the water and Shane can fish it for you, getting you a perfect float with his expert boat handling. He doesn’t instruct you to death, saying very little unless it’s really required. We would float down the Blackfoot and when I felt him slowing the boat or favoring one side of the river, I would try to pick out the likely spot for my fly to land and make the cast, and he wouldn’t talk too much, maybe only saying, “Mike, I sorta was thinking the other side of the river”.

Fisherman sitting in boat holding a Blackfoot River Bull Trout added to testimonials

Mike with his Blackfoot River Bull Trout!

Persistence Pays Off!

We both liked streamer fishing and I had been trying to catch a Bull trout in the Blackfoot for 3 years. As luck would have it, I caught a nice one (22 inches) on our third day!  Shane was almost as excited as I was! I would not have landed the powerful fish if Shane hadn’t gotten the boat stopped before we entered an area of rapids and netted the fish!  I am always amazed at his trick for unhooking and releasing a trout without touching it!

Additionally, he is always on time and is a lot of fun throughout long days. Last summer, due to warm weather and warmer water, fishing was limited to before 2 PM. Therefore, I wanted to fish through lunchtime without stopping. Shane didn’t seem to mind at all, but I knew missing lunch was no fun for the guy rowing the boat! But for Shane fishing came first. If you choose Shane Erickson and God’s Country outfitters you won’t be disappointed!”

-Mike Garner

More Testimonials:

“Having fished Montana waters for several years on the lakes, rivers, and streams, Shane Erickson of God’s Country Outfitters has been a real eye-opener for me. He has successfully guided me on the Missouri, Blackfoot, and Dearborn rivers numerous times and impressed me with his knowledge of the waters in which we have fished coupled with his ability to adapt while figuring out what works. I would recommend him to any who wants to fish in pristine waters and would like to catch nice fish in the process!”

-Bill Allen

                                                                                            Fly Fisherman Holding A Brown Trout added to testimonials page


“I have been fishing with God’s Country Outfitters several times. Each time it’s been a wonderful experience. I would recommend this outfitter to anyone looking to have a great fishing trip! The boats were nice & Shane Erickson is an excellent guide. We caught cutthroat and rainbows. It is a lot of fun when they jump on your line!  Along with the great fishing, the country is really something to see; winding rivers, cliffs, beautiful valleys, a real place of grandeur. God’s Country Outfitters is the only outfitter to go with!”

-Patrick S Wewel

Fisherman with Blackfoot River Cutthroat on testimonials page

Pat Wewel with a Blackfoot River Cutthroat Trout






If you have fished with us in the past and would like to share your experience please email us your testimonials and any pictures you would like to share!